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Below is a copy of our Terms & Conditions!


1.1 A booking is only confirmed when the booking agreement has been signed and the booking fee has been paid and you receive your booking confirmation from MJS Entertainment.
1.2 If we have another enquiry come in for the same date and they sign our booking agreement and pay their booking fee before you, they will receive priority for the selected date.
1.3 If your booking is amended at any point throughout the booking process, We will require you to sign our ”updated booking agreement” to confirm the new changes. The previous ”booking agreement” you originally signed will then be void.
1.4 You can make changes and amendments to your booking up to 1 month before your event. 


2.1 The non-refundable booking fee will be required to secure your booking.
2.2 The outstanding balance will be required 30 days (1 Month) before the date of your event.
2.3 If the outstanding balance is not paid by the date due a late payment fee of £30.00 will be due to MJS Entertainment.
2.4 We then also have the right to cancel your booking and you will lose your non-refundable booking fee.
2.5 If the event has been booked last minute then the client agrees to pay MJS Entertainment the full balance upon booking, unless this has been agreed otherwise with MJS Entertainment.


3.1 In the event that the client cancels the booking or any add ons, the client agrees to inform MJS Entertainment immediately in writing.
3.2 If the client cancels 180 – 90 days (6 – 3 months) before the event then any payments paid (excluding the booking fee) will be returned to the client.
3.3 If the client cancels 90 – 30 days (3 – 1 Months) before the event 50% of the total balance (excluding the booking fee) will be returned to the client and 50% will be due to MJS Entertainment.
3.4 If the client cancels 30 days (1 Month) before the event 100% of the balance will be due to MJS Entertainment

The main reason for the above is because when you book with MJS Entertainment the date is taken off our diary and reserved solely for you meaning no one else can book it, therefore we will be refusing business on the agreement that you have hired us for your event. Therefore we suggest that you are 100% sure before you book.


4.1 In the very unlikely event that MJS Entertainment cancels the booking due to unavoidable circumstances, MJS Entertainment agrees to inform the client of the cancellation and make all reasonable attempts to find a suitable replacement at no extra cost to the client.
4.2 Should a suitable replacement not be found, MJS Entertainment agrees to refund any other fees already paid in advance.

5. COVID-19

5.1 In the event of a cancelation due to government rules not allowing any events, then we will refund any payments paid minus the non refundable booking fee. The booking fee remains non refundable however can be transferred to any date in the future for any event with no time expiry.
5.2 In the case of a positive covid test, normal cancelation terms apply but your booking can be transferred to a new date dependant on our availability.

We thank all of our customers for working with us in these uncertain times.


6.1 Where possible, changes to the schedule which are unavoidable on the day of the event should first be discussed & agreed with MJS Entertainment. Should this not be possible, changes are to be agreed between the client and MJS Entertainment prior to the event start time. Any changes will be subject to these terms and conditions.
6.2 In the event that MJS Entertainment is delayed due to unavoidable circumstances, liability is limited to providing the client with time equal to time lacking or a discount or refund at a pro rata rate based on the time of commencement of the entertainment.
6.3 Any delayed set up time or subsequent delayed start time due to the overrun of any prior proceedings or of situations being outside of MJS Entertainments control will not warrant any extension of the stated finish time or any fee reduction. However, at the sole discretion of MJS Entertainment and with the permission of the venue management, an extension of these performing times may be made but will charge an additional fee. This fee must be paid in cash to MJS Entertainment before any extra time commences.
6.4 The client must supply a minimum of one hour to enter a venue and set up prior to the start time and also a similar time allowance at the end of the night to pack up. This time can be reduced if access is good and MJS Entertainment are familiar with the venue. If access to the venue is difficult e.g. stairs or distance from unloading area etc, please do try and let MJS Entertainment know about the access upon booking.
6.5 Please note: The DJ & DJs setup may change from time to time depending on staff & equipment availability.


7.1 MJS Entertainment will make every reasonable effort to supply and play requests that are added to our online music request system.
7.2 MJS Entertainment will make reasonable effort to play as many additional requests as possible from the client and guests during the evening (Unless the client has specified that they do not wish guests to make requests). There is no guarantee that all requests will be played.
7.3 MJS Entertainment reserves the right to refuse to play any requests of questionable nature.


8.1 It is the clients responsibility to ensure that there is an adequate provision of electrical power within ten metres of MJS Entertainments set-up points.
8.2 It is the clients responsibility to check with all venues that all our equipment & add ons that you booked can be used. There will be no refunds offered if the venue refuses any of our equipment.
8.3 It is the clients responsibility to check the size of our equipment and have made sure it has the adequate space. If the equipment doesn’t have the correct space and we can’t setup then there will be no refunds offered.
8.4 It is agreed by the client and MJS Entertainment that our DJ equipment is not available for use by other performers or persons except by specific permission from MJS Entertainment.
8.5 If you have booked one of our Photo Booths as a standalone package this will not include staff and will be an unattended hire.


9.1 MJS Entertainment accepts no liability for minor equipment failure i.e. – failure that does not result in the termination of your hired item still being used. 
9.2 MJS Entertainment accepts no liability for equipment failure/music termination caused by any ‘Sound Limiter’ shutting off the supply of electricity to MJS Entertainments DJ equipment.
9.3 In the unlikely event of major equipment failure please contact MJS Entertainment immediately on 07800750227 so we can try to rectify the issue.
9.4 If the issues with our equipment cannot be rectified, liability is limited to providing the client with a pro rata rate discount.


10.1 Our friendly staff will dress smartly and setup any equipment you have hired prior to your event start time.
10.2 If you hired a standalone add on with us that is not part of a package, This will not always include staff to run the equipment and could be unattended hire. 
10.3 It is your responsibility to check if your package includes staff.
10.4 If you require staff to operate any of our equipment please let us know 1 month prior to your event so we can get this staffed for you. 


11.1 In case of verbal or physical violence towards MJS Entertainment’s staff, the client will be asked to have this or these people spoken to in regards to the matter. If this issue can not be resolved and verbal or physical violence towards MJS Entertainment’s staff continues then the services from MJS Entertainment will be stopped and terminated with immediate effect, and the client will not be given a refund for any money paid.


12.1 The client will be fully liable for any damage or loss caused to any of MJS Entertainments equipment by any guests at your event. 
12.2 Payment for any damaged or missing equipment should be received by MJS Entertainment within 3 days of the event or further costs may be charged due to loss of earnings.
12.3 The client must ensure protection of MJS Entertainments equipment from adverse weather conditions, where the equipment location is not inside ie. gardens, marquees etc. The client will be fully liable for any damage to MJS Entertainments equipment, caused by adverse weather conditions.


13. Any issues that arise during the event must be communicated to MJS Entertainment at the time that they arise in order for us to have an opportunity to solve the issue.
13.1 MJS Entertainment is unable to resolve issues if they are not aware of any situation that may occur during a performance.
13.2 n the unlikely event that you should feel dissatisfied with any aspect of services provided by MJS Entertainment and the issue was not resolved during the event, the client must contact us in writing to info@marcuss40.sg-host.com within 48 hours of the end of the event. MJS Entertainment will not enter into any discussions with regards to the individual DJ’s presentation style or content as this is a subjective interpretation.
13.3 In the unlikely event there is a requirement for reimbursement of fees paid, not covered elsewhere in the Terms and Conditions, it is limited to half of the fee paid.


14.1 During your event we may take photos or films relevant to the marketing of MJS Entertainment.These photos or films may be used on our website or on social networking sites linked to MJS Entertainment.
14.3 If you do not want any photos or films of your event to be used for this purpose please inform MJS Entertainment within 48 hours of your event.
14.4 Reviews / Written feedback that we receive from events may be used for the purpose of marketing MJS Entertainment and may be used on our website or on social networking sites linked to MJS Entertainment.

15. GDPR

Please review our privacy policy
For more information please visit www.eugdpr.org