A TV Classic

Mr & Mrs Game

We have all watched the tv show Mr & Mrs, How would you like to play this live at your own wedding reception.

This is a great ice breaker, and gets everyone involved. It works great for weddings, anniversaries and engagement parties.

We set two chairs back to back in the middle of the dance floor.

We then give our newly weds a blue and pink paddle so both the bride and groom have one of each.

We then ask our bride a groom a series of questions.

Sometimes you’ll see some great hesitation faces like your really not sure, or even better when you ask a question like… “Who wears the trousers in the relationship”… Sometimes the bride will put up her pink paddle, and the groom will put up his blue paddle. It’s hilarious. You’ll get your guests laughing.


Whats Included?

Useful information

  • Our Mr & Mrs Game can only be hired as part of one of our Wedding Disco Packages.
  • Indoors or outdoors (Marquee)

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